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    Laura Hubert - Half Bridled
      1. Lonesome Shack
      2. Boys In The Backroom
      3. You've Changed
      4. Sweet Lotus Blossom
      5. Roly Poly
      6. Where Are You?
      7. My Melancholy Baby
      8. P.S. I Love You
      9. Loads of Love
    10. Carmelita
    11. Swingin' On A Star
    12. Baltimore

    Produced by Laura Hubert and Peter Hill

    Laura Hubert - vocals
    Peter Hill - piano
    Victor Bateman - bass
    Brandi Disterheft - bass
    Paul Brennan - drums
    Howard Gaul - drums
    William Carn - trombone
    Chris Gale -saxophones
    Shawn Nykwist -saxophones

    released 2004

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